breath of life

Elijah conference 

the deeper things

The depth of the account of Elijah.                                                                                          The Raven - Old and New Testament understanding and the ascension priesthood; The prophet's burden  -  a deeper look at how we evaluate the servant of God;        Mantle - A deeper look into the mystery of the mantle and a testament lived out          An offering made by fire - When confrontation is acceptable before the eyes of God.


The Lord would have us draw a line for who is able to come to the school.

  • A: We state that profanity is not to come out of your mouth under any circumstances, this includes any form of a swear word.  If this is a sin in your life you are to undergo the ministry teaching and instruction as is recommended in the link below.

If you have answered no to the question A you may proceed to registration.

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